Astrawatt Solar co-branding partnership program.

Astrawatt Solar Installation

A community is more than just a city, neighborhood, or street address.

A community is about what people share in common — favorite restaurants, local coffee shops, music venues, art festivals, gyms, fitness studios. The places that people love to meet up and spend time with their family and friends are what create and build local communities.

Local Community

Bringing the local community together at your business.

Astrawatt Solar focuses on being a member of every local community we serve. One way we do this is by partnering with local businesses. We do more than just asking to exchange social media posts, send out an email, or put up flyers at each of businesses

We provide actual revenue for your business and give your customers a way to spend money directly at your local business.

Our Program

Our program is very simple.

When one of your customers schedules an appointment to meet with one of our solar consultants, we will give them a $25 gift card to your business.

Many of your customers are already going solar and it’s expected that 1 out of every 7 homeowners will have solar panels installed on their home by the end of this decade.

This is a great opportunity for the solar industry — and Astrawatt Solar is making this an even greater opportunity for local businesses like you.

We’re happy to discuss how we will promote our program, so you have as many customers as possible receiving $25 gift cards and spending them at your business.

How to promote

Here are some potential ideas.

In-Store Promotions — In-store displays, signs, and promotions to get your customers to schedule an appointment with Astrawatt Solar and received a $25 gift card to spend at your store or location.

Social Media Promotions — Promote both of our businesses to our customers to make them aware of our gift card program and also remind them of why your business is such an important part of the local community.

Email Campaigns — Promote and generate awareness to your customers about the program and how they can learn more about going solar and be rewarded with a gift card to your business.

Local Community Events — We exhibit at local farmers markets and attend other local events. We can discuss how we can promote your local business at these events and drive customers to your locations.

Our Partners

Check out our co-brand community partner landing pages.