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Astrawatt Solar is the 3rd fastest growing solar company in the United States.

Astrawatt Residential Solar Installation

The Beginning

Our founder, Keith Murphy — a veteran of the solar industry — grew frustrated by the sheer number of pushy out-of-touch solar sales companies. So, he decided to start his own company to give homeowners the solar experience they deserve.

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Who We Are

We started in 2016 with one mission — to provide better solar experiences for our customers.

01 — Our Focus

Our focus is on improving the sales process by educating homeowners. We do this by helping prospective customers get all the information they need in order to make an educated decision. This has led us to become one of the top rated and fastest growing residential solar sales and installation companies in the country. We aim to provide more value at each step of the process.

02 — Our Process

Our sales process starts with honest and ethical marketing practices. We view our relationships with our customers and their experience working with us as the number one driver of new business. Focusing on providing unparalleled customer service and quality workmanship leads to more 5 star reviews and more referrals, which leads to more business. It’s not rocket science.

03 — Vertical Integration

We are one of the few residential solar companies that is vertically integrated. This means we manage plans design, engineering, permitting, utility net meter applications, and the installation of solar panels — all in-house. This is not as common as most would think. Most of our competitors are solar sales companies who contract the project management and installation to other companies. While we don’t view this approach as inherently bad, we believe having control of the project from start to finish allows us to ensure the quality of work is to our standard providing a better experience for our customers.

04 — Dedicated Service

Our relationship with our customers does not end when the project is completed and the final check is cashed. We have a dedicated service team who is ready to help with technical support to ensure you yield more solar production for the life of your system and any warranty claims are expedited to minimize downtime. Our service team is so good at what they do that we perform service work for customers who have been abandoned by their original installer. This may be a sales company who contracted out their installation or someone who just won’t pick up the phone to help.

05 — National Franchise

We are now expanding our services nationally through a franchise model to help more homeowners go solar. This allows our customers to receive better service — and that sets us apart from the rest.

In every market we serve we are locally owned with local employees.

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We are passionate about clean energy, helping curb climate change, helping our customers save money, and providing resiliency with back up power options for their home’s energy needs.

Solar Panels — Batteries — EV Chargers

(877) 937-4786 — (877) YES-4SUN

Our Team

We have a group of dedicated & qualified solar professionals ready to help you with everything solar.

    Solar Panels — Batteries — EV Chargers

    (877) 937-4786 — (877) YES-4SUN


    We're honored to have acheived so much in the solar industry — and we plan to keep it going.

    Solar Panels — Batteries — EV Chargers

    (877) 937-4786 — (877) YES-4SUN