We make it easy for you to go Solar

Our AI enabled 60 second solar roof scan quickly provides you with the information you need to decide if solar is a good fit for your home.

Astrawatt Solar Installation
  • What will solar panels look like installed on my home?

    We’ll provide you with a 2D and 3D preview of what solar panels will look like installed on your home.

  • What are the best locations on my roof for solar?

    Our AI will determine the best locations on your roof to maximize your solar energy production.

  • How many solar panels does my home need?

    We calculate how many solar panels you will need and the ideal system size for your home.

  • How do I know if my roof gets enough sunlight to go solar?

    We will provide you with a shading analysis to show you where your roof gets the most sunlight.

  • What will my monthly electricity bill be?

    We calculate how much you will reduce your estimated monthly electricity bill by going solar.

  • What are my estimated savings if I go Solar?

    We calculate how much money you can expect to save over time if you go solar.

  • How will going solar contribute to curbing climate change?

    We will provide you with carbon offset data to show you all the good you can do by going solar!