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Florida is known as “The Sunshine State” due to the large amount of sunshine we get which explains why Florida ranks as the third best state in the country for solar energy.

Jacksonville residents often get solar panels for their homes to take advantage of our state’s plentiful sunshine and save on their electricity bills. Florida’s numerous solar incentives and tax exemptions also makes solar panels an affordable solution to rising energy costs.

Our Reviews

Here are some 5 star reviews from our customers on Google.

Steven Ward

Highly recommend Astrawatt for solar panel installation in the Kanas City area. Prior to starting the process, I read many on line horror stories with other national installers about pushy sales process, delays in installation, incorrect paperwork submission, and project managers ghosting customers. My experience with Astrawatt was the farthest from those experiences and was outstanding. As they only recommend the best equipment brands and models, may not be as cheap as some other companies but receive a superior product since this is a 25 year investment. I received proposals from several other local installation companies as well. I had a focus on a local company that had a positive BBB rating, did the sales, project management, installation and service with no sub-contractors while having been in business for an extended period. Astrawatt fit those requirements, and their education first approach in the initial consultation showed their customer focus. At no time did my sales consultant Reid use any high pressure sales tactics, ensuring all my questions were answered and I was comfortable with my selection even, if I did not select them. Once contract was signed, Megan the assigned project manager was very responsive, providing routine updates on the process and quickly answering all my many questions. All applications to the city and Evergy occurred in a timely and complete fashion, resulting in the installation being scheduled and performed slightly ahead of schedule. The installation crew was very professional, completing the installation in 2 days as scheduled. Post installation inspection approval process was slightly delayed due to an overly picky city inspector (required updated engineering plans and resubmission for 1 panel that was re-oriented during install due to an obstruction). Astrawatt quickly updated the plans and resubmitted to the city which were approved and final inspection passed as quickly as the city's process allowed. I hope not to move ever again, but if I did I would use Astrawatt again on my next solar install.

March 13, 2023

Greg Backhus

Chris and his team were outstanding. Knowledgeable, professional and great people to work with.

March 10, 2023

Chris Swartz

Great customer service and great install. These guys are the real deal in a sea of grifters. You should get a quote.

January 13, 2023

Derrick Bajsicki

We selected AstraWatt for solar panels installation after interviewing 4 companies. Rhody showed a lot of professionalism and detailed explanation like no one in other companies. He was patient with a lot of questions we had and offered very good deal. After we signed up, process was taken by Megan and she handheld the project feeding us with updates on City, Evergy approvals and providing constant communication. Since we expanded our project, Keith (Founder and CEO) got involved and was very helpful offering very good guidance. I cannot say anything, but Astrawatt is a company to go if you consider solar panels for your house/business. Since they are managing so many projects and solar industry is booming be patient if you don’t have answer on email within 24 hours. It's worth the wait to have assurance your project will be taken care of by very professional company. A+

October 17, 2022

Sara McCambridge

Adam replaced 3 Microinverters not working on our array and checked everything else.

September 27, 2022

Florida Solar Incentives, Tax Credits and Tax Exemptions

Federal Solar Tax Credit

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC), also called the federal solar tax credit, helps reduce the cost of your solar energy system. You can deduct 30% of the cost of your solar energy system from your federal income taxes. There is no cap on the value of your tax credit and it applies to both residential and commercial systems.

The federal solar tax credit was recently increased to 30% and its timeline has been extended. If you install a solar PV system between now and 2032 you will receive a 30% tax credit.

The federal solar tax credit helps you save thousands of dollars in upfront costs, in addition to many solar incentives and tax exemptions for the state of Florida

Florida Property Tax Exemption

Your home’s property value can increase when you install solar panels, since solar panels reduce your monthly electricity bills. In Florida, your property taxes will not go up because your home’s property value increased due to getting solar panels.

A long-term study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) found that when homeowners installed solar panels for their home, their home’s property value increased by $20 for every $1 they save each year on electricity bills. For example, if your home’s solar energy system reduces your annual electricity bills by $700 each year, your home’s value can increase by $14,000.

The state of Florida provides a 100% property tax exemption for residential solar panels and battery storage devices due to the state’s Property Tax Exclusion for Residential Renewable Energy Property.

Your home’s value will increase, but you will not have to pay additional taxes.

Florida Sales Tax Exemption

Along with state property tax exemptions, solar panels and equipment are exempt from state sales taxes. The 6% state sales tax will not be charged for your home’s new solar energy system.

Florida Net Metering

Net Metering is when your utility company monitors how much energy your home’s solar system produces and how much energy you consume. In Florida, if you generate energy through your home’s solar panels you can sell that energy back to your utility company as credits.

Your credits can be applied to your energy bills or be paid out to you.

If your home’s solar system generates a surplus of energy, you will receive a credit from your utility company for that surplus energy.

People who live in the Jacksonville area can take advantage of the net metering programs offered by their local utility companies.

Jacksonville Net Metering Programs - Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA)

Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) customers who generate excess electricity with their home’s solar energy system receive an energy credit that will offset your monthly utility bill.

Your energy credits accrue during the calendar year. If you have a remaining balance of energy credits at the end of the calendar year, then Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) will pay you for the amount of your remaining energy credits. The amount for your energy credits is based on JEA’s current net metering policy.

Duke Energy’s net metering program allows Orlando area homeowners to offset their monthly electricity bills based on the amount of energy their home’s solar panel system generates.

If you participate in Duke Energy’s net metering program, you will receive a bill credit from Duke Energy each month for the excess energy your home’s system generates.

Jacksonville Net Metering - Clay Electric Cooperative

Clay Electric Cooperative’s net metering program buys back the excess electricity generated by your home’s solar energy system. The excess electricity your home’s solar panels generate is purchased at a wholesale rate and shows as a credit on your next monthly electricity bill.

Jacksonville Net Metering - Florida Power & Light

Florida Power & Light offers Jacksonville residents a solar net metering program that is based on the size of your home’s solar energy system.

Florida Power & Light’s goal is to offset all or part of their customer’s energy usage with their net metering program.

DSIRE Incentives Database - Florida

The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) is a comprehensive database that Florida residents can use to search for and find solar energy incentives in Tennessee and across the entire country.

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