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The cost of going solar in the St Louis area is more affordable thanks to a large number of state incentives and rebates for homeowners along with the federal solar tax credit. You can use the federal solar tax credit and state incentives to save thousands of dollars when you go solar.

Our Reviews

Here are some 5 star reviews from our customers on Google.

Rob Cottrell

From the quote to the start of the job (earlier than scheduled at my request) and to the finish and clean up, all went perfectly well. We had an early hiccup that was addressed quickly (not from Astrawatt). The job took them 4 days to complete, as they said it would, and it seems to be working as projected. I can’t say enough about Brian, Megan, and Alex (all behind the scenes), Tim the site manager (who even helped when short handed), AJ and the rest of the installers. They did a fantastic job answering all of our questions and handling all of the paperwork and fees. We would recommend Astrawatt 100%. If you are thinking of getting solar panels at your home, I would highly recommend at least talking with this company. I am sure you will choose them!

June 1, 2023

Gehan Wanduragala

I waited to complete this review until after the system was installed and connected, the rebate was processed and we had several months of generation to evaluate. It is now more than 5 months since installation and we are extremely happy with the system's performance and AstraWatt. Our 10Kw system generates far in excess of our home electricity consumption with plenty of capacity to electrify water heater, furnace and add EV charger at a later stage. Even in January our electricity bill was $0. The sales process with AstraWatt is very efficient (and paperless) with clear and transparent explanations from Bryan and a quick site assessment. Bryan also guided us through the financing process which was painless. As we were the first home in our neighborhood to install solar there was a longer process of approval with the HOA in University Hills but AstraWatt were highly professional in communicating which was greatly appreciated by the Trustees. Megan at AstraWatt also coordinated with Ameren and UCity for the permitting and inspection. The installation crew were friendly and professional. We did have a minor roof leak caused by a stray screw but the AstraWatt team came back to resolve the issue. Similarly with an issue with the Current Transformer. The quality of the equipment installed by AstraWatt is high by industry standards which was important for us to ensure a long system life. Even after installation was complete the AstraWatt team were highly responsive to provide the necessary documentation for the federal tax rebate. All in all we would highly recommend them after comparing with other solar installers in the St Louis area.

May 17, 2023


We hired Astrawatt after interviewing a few companies. They were clearly more knowledgeable. The process went exactly as they outlined. The installers were very efficient and professional. The install looks and works great. I would highly recommend them for your solar installation.

May 11, 2023

Colette Boss

From initial call with Bryan to installation with Tim and Crew, everyone was very professional and courteous. Cleaned up after themselves. Made sure everything was in working order before leaving. Customer service is great.

April 28, 2023

Susan S

Great professional experience from start to finish. We interviewed three companies; Astrawatt answered all of our questions and provided the best product for the lowest cost. Their communication was prompt and informative from initial onsite inspections to installation, to time line for when the electric company (Ameren) would start to pay us for the extra electrical production. The installation crew was awesome. I highly recommend Astrawatt, if you are considering solar panels for your home.

April 18, 2023

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Missouri Solar Incentives and Tax Credits

Federal Solar Tax Credit

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC), also called the federal solar tax credit, helps you reduce the cost of your solar energy system. You can deduct 30% of the cost of your solar energy system from your federal income taxes. There is no cap on the value of your tax credit and it applies to both residential and commercial systems.

The federal solar tax credit was recently increased to 30% and its timeline has been extended. If you install a solar PV system between now and 2032 you will receive a 30% tax credit. If you’ve already installed your solar system in 2022, your tax credit has been increased from 26% to 30% and you can take advantage of the increased tax savings.

Net Metering in Missouri

Net Metering is when your utility company monitors how much energy your home’s solar system produces and how much energy you consume. If your home’s solar system generates a surplus of energy, you will receive a credit from your utility company for that surplus energy.

Homeowners in some states receive full retail rate credit for the amount of surplus energy you send back into the grid. In Missouri, you receive credits at an avoided cost rate for the amount of surplus energy you generate.

Avoided cost rate is the amount it would have cost your utility company to burn coal or gas at one of its plants to generate electricity. Avoided cost rate is going to be less than a full retail credit, but as a Missouri homeowner you still receive credit for the excess energy your home’s solar system generates.

The state of Missouri requires all utility companies in the state to offer net metering to customers with solar power systems up to 100kW. You receive a credit on your monthly utility bill at the minimum of that utility company’s avoided cost rate.

Missouri Property Tax Exemptions for Solar Homeowners

Installing solar panels to your home will increase your home’s value by several thousand dollars. This is due to the substantial energy savings you will receive over the life of your solar power system.

All homeowners in Missouri are exempt from additional property taxes due to installing solar panels on their homes. Missouri does this to encourage homeowners in their state to take advantage of the cost savings from going solar.

Missouri Solar Rebates

Homeowners in the St Louis metropolitan area can take advantage of solar rebate programs that their local utility companies provide.

Ameren Missouri Solar Rebates

Ameren Missouri offers its own solar rebate program to help homeowners who want to go solar. Solar rebates are based on the size of your system and funds are available for solar rebates at $0.25/watt for Ameren customers.

If you are an Ameren customer in Missouri, you can submit an application for their solar rebate program on their website.

DSIRE Incentives Database - Missouri

The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) is a comprehensive database that Missouri residents can use to search for and find solar energy incentives in Missouri and across the entire country.

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